Nasif examines a fungus culture. The stereoscope is a Fisher routine stereomicroscope.
A scientist is a person "who cares deeply and passionately for truth and clarification, for the liberating experience of finding order and beauty in a chaotic jumble of natural events." (Leon M. Lederman, 2001).
Who we are:

Biology Cabinet is an institution based in San Nicolas de los Garza, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. Our objective is to publish updated information on Biology and scientific topics of interest related with other disciplines, as well as describing the methodology of science in a clear way. The members of Biology Cabinet are active researchers in Life Sciences. Our central mission is to provide the last news on biological research. We also make research over several fields related to biology, such as ethology, botany, ecology, recurrent and emerging plagues and diseases, evolution, climatology, physics, etc.

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Purpose of Biology Cabinet Org.®:

This site of the Biology Cabinet Organization® hasn't been devised with the intention of denigrating the genuine efforts of people to achieve a healthier world. We agree absolutely with the authentic actions that many people are taking to maintain our planet in optimum conditions, for the sake of all forms of life. Nevertheless, in addition to our educational work, we have the academic obligation and right to denounce the actions of groups and individuals who have usurped the name of science and are deceiving the public by distorting scientific knowledge.

The objective of this site is to expose you to the wonders of the Science of Life, Biology, in a simple and interesting way. We hope that you will appreciate our goal. This site takes the name of BIOLOGY CABINET®, and we’ll try to be a true Biology Cabinet® - a site where you can find straight answers to your questions about the extensive mosaic of interrelated Life Sciences.

What We do:

We perform laboratory and field research by assignment from other institutions -or by special projects of Biology Cabinet Organization. We have the appropriate equipment required to perform scientific researches in the main disciplines of Biology.

Our profession demands that we investigate biological problems and find feasible solutions to them.

We also teach Biology and dictate conferences and seminars for institutions that require it.

If you need any of our services, E-mail us to:

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Nasif Nahle was 23 years old when he and his colleagues founded the Human Biology Cabinet (April 1975).
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Investigation of damaged wheat crops in Cadereyta, Mx. The responsible of the damage was Septoria tritici, a well-known pathogen of wheat.