The solitary certainty on extraterrestrial beings is that we only can trust in hypotheses emitted by serious scientists; for example, biologists, astrobiologists, astrophysicists, etc. Science cannot appeal to stories of witnesses of a phenomenon if this is not supported by evidence related to such experience. When I say “evidence” I am referring to authentic information, not to videos or photographs shown in the TV and pseudoscientific magazines. Many people think that hundreds of videos or thousands of photographs are more than sufficient evidence to demonstrate scientifically an incident; nevertheless, they are not. In order to verify scientifically a phenomenon, scientists demand at least the following requirements:

1. That the phenomenon can be observed identically by other people at any time at the same or at another place. It would be ideal that the citizens of any town saw an extraterrestrial dwarf taking a walk by the shopping center. Unfortunately, aliens have only been sighted by members of Aliens-UFOs clubs and by people dedicated to handle paranormal phenomena.

2. That the observed extraterrestrial individuals be credible, so that everybody can verify their existence; for example, that they be not super-powerful creatures; for example, humanoid creatures with wings that can penetrate observers’ minds; that they can go through solid walls, or that they can make objects to hover around; or that those creatures are capable of appearing and disappearing suddenly, etc.

3. That the phenomenon is feasible to be measured or detected through well-known and accurate techniques and devices like radio-telescopes, infrared detectors, X-Ray cameras, radars, etc.

4. That the event can be replicated in order that scientists are able to observe the event under controlled conditions. Many people think that there are not observable natural phenomena under controlled conditions; it is not. For example, if someone sees a flying saucer suspended above an edifice in Los Angeles, he must be able to call the police for reporting the phenomenon for the police sends a helicopter to verify if the flying saucer is a pepperoni’s pizza, a chocolate doughnut or a real UFO.

5. In case of observation of ships of unknown origin, graphical descriptions that can be placed under technical scrutiny are required. We know that 98% of “graphical evidence” on UFOS has been examined and it has turned out to be false. The remaining 2% has not been provided for systematic scrutiny.


By Arlette K. Sully, Psychologist.

Many astrobiologists say that the existence of living beings on other worlds could be possible; however, it doesn’t mean that those living beings are intelligent or that they are visiting us.

SETI has spent about three decades on looking for radio-signals from sidereal clever beings without realistic results. The signal “Wow!” detected in 1957 was a terrestrial radio signal bounced back to Earth by an orbiting spatial particle. The potential to find intelligent messages from other sites out from our Solar Systems has declined dramatically since the adjustment of the funds that would be dedicated to SETI programs. On this issue, we are not as good as we were thirty years ago.

Each time, the specialized academies get fewer students interested on a career related to astrobiology. So, the pseudoscience of Alienisms makes plump each day more and more, as any religion.

The problem resides on many factors, as that most students do not see a reimbursing future to Astrobiology. On the other hand, fanatics of aliens fill their purses with money from the deceived unwary people.

At the end of a conference, a journalist asked to the conferencist on the uselessness of the Astrobiology. She replied that astrobiology was a knowledge which we cannot neglect because it let us to evaluate the future of all living beings on Earth. She insisted on asking her "what’s for?” This question clearly reflects the status of postmodernism in the public because they now think that any discipline will be of no value if it is not a money-making engine.

The pope, Benedict XVI, or Joseph Ratzinger, has declared recently that Evolution is a false ideology. How is it that a person that supposedly has an extensive knowledge can try to impose an ideology on his followers? With his declarations, he only has revealed a high degree of ignorance about science and his antiscientific propensity. Does Joseph Ratzinger have a single scientific proof against evolution? No, but he is based just on his own mind-set. However, most catholics on this world will accept what he has said, as if it were an indisputable truth.

Yes, it seems that people prefer to be deceived instead plugging their brains with factual information. Most of the general public does not like science, but creepy lies. Evolution has been verified through observation and experimentation; so, why people keep themselves on believing that evolution is not a theory, but an ideology? The same thing goes on the apparent success of the alienologists. Many people do not like to live without gods, phantoms and related legends.

When a person discovers that his ancestors were just amoeba-like organisms, he stops on believing on the idols of his early days. Later, he perceives hollowness in his mind; he feels that he has come untied to something. Afterward, he desperately seeks that mysterious somewhat that, he thinks, has been lost. He looks for something alike parties, that one that made him to stop believing in his gods and myths, and the other one that made him feel that he was living on a fleeting sensation of peace and tranquility. He thinks that his gods are angry on him, and he is urged by himself to hunt for other gods that can protect him from his own destructive thoughts.

Through his life, he reads from paper news about criminality, pollution, global warming, nuclear wars, rebellious people, Bin Laden, terrorism, hunger, deadly diseases, illegal drugs, etc. He finally thinks that the world needs a savior. But, his gods are no more there, where he thought they had to be and science cannot do anything to save the world. He has to find a mystifying savior that sounds to science. Yeah, mystics plus science gives pseudoscience; then, as Jesus said long ago, the hog goes back to the mud. But our hunter doesn’t go back to the same pond, but to a dirtier one, UFOs and Aliens.



Someone wants that we believe in creatures coming from the outer space.

What an Alien is? In most UFOist media, aliens are described like extraterrestrial intelligent beings; someone who lives on other planets out from Earth.

Most people, moved by the stuff disclosed by Media, believe that aliens do exist. However, scientists do not believe in subjective opinions, or in the beliefs of others, no matter how many people believe in it; for instance, many people believe in Noah's flood; but scientists concluded, after thorough investigations, that Noah’s flood never happened.

Alienologists do not take pebbles out of the road. They continuously show misleading photos of "aliens". Lately, the fever for seeing photos of aliens has proliferated up to an unprecedented level. Additionally, stories on sightings of aliens at backyards, public parks, highways, rural roads, farms, mountains, forests, and even at graveyards have been amplified to unprecedented ranks.

When non prejudiced and intelligent people observe those photos, they find that the aliens on the pictures are marionettes or drafts of unreal beings drawn on cut cardboards. These trimmings always are advantageously placed in dark locations (at all times by night), behind large objects, flanked by bushes or trees distant from the viewers, or over constructions.

What's the purpose of journalists when they ask to the public about the goal of aliens by visiting our planet? Usually, Ufologists pitch this question by a slideshow of aliens drawn on cardboards. Clearly, the main point on this is to create an atmosphere of uncertainty. This atmosphere makes the observer to receive any most terrible or best information. Observers would be already susceptible to receive any factual or false report.

Frequently, the observers' concentration is regulated by means of the narrative of the speaker, which moves them from states of anxiety to states of quasi-somnolence.

Insidious melodies (as that of the movie "Jaws") help to create a high-adrenaline milieu, which makes public to believe everything that the narrator says, or whatever they observe.

Some officials of the USA's Air Force have described how they have performed screenings of secret projects to distract the attention of the common citizens by means of bizarre flying objects (comets moved by fishing canes, metallic globes, etc.)

In recent times in Mexico City, the Media uncovered a fraud carried out by an organization of alien's fanatics, who threw metallic globes from diverse places of the city so that the globes were filmed by other backers.

The expansion of the Universe goes more rapidly each second. Our solar system is at one of the external arms of the Milky Way and each moment, it moves farther from the center of the galaxy and the other stars. As time passes, the acceleration of the expansion of the Universe is bigger, thus, the velocity of expansion will appear to exceed the speed of light at a specific moment. When the rate of the expansion becomes higher than the speed of light, then the light emitted by those stars and galaxies will not reach us. On this point, I should clear up that according with the theory of relativity is impossible in the real world that non object in this Universe can reach a speed superior than the speed of light. However, the speed of separation between two distant objects in the Universe will impede that the light emitted by those objects get to us, similarly to the present-day fact that the light emitted by bodies beyond our perceptible horizon cannot reach us, so we ignore the existence of objects beyond that horizon because their light cannot reach the Earth. (see Alan Guth,
x.html). Astronomers know that when this moment occurs we will not see stars or galaxies at the range of our observation tools.

We would have a completely-dark night sky, without visible stars because they will be beyond the speed of light from us. Any Astronomer knows that a day is coming when the light of the stars will not reach to us, and perhaps this will happen tomorrow. The vast cosmological distances block us to know the authentic state of Universe at the present day.

Stars are not attached on a crystal vaulting. They are evolving incessantly, so in position as in activity. To reach a star in its present state, we would have to travel at an inconceivable speed (on the way to the past).

We can predict, from the present observations, which will be the status of a star into four years, but the present observations of the nearest star are applicable to four years back, and we would know the real present status of that star into four years, when its light reaches our retinas.

There are biological and physical limitations in our cosmos, which block us to perform an expedition of that enormity, and this fact applies to the so rumored extraterrestrials.

After this deliberation, we conclude that aliens are the product of mercantilism. ALIENS THAT VISIT OUR WORLD DO NOT EXIST, BUT IN UFOLOGISTS MINDS…



Aliens are a kind of omnipotent beings for their followers: they are capable to breathe Earth's air, walking naked in an unfamiliar environment for them. They can do surgeries without pain nor medical instruments, they are able to take off human's mind remembrances. Aliens are capable to go into closed rooms, proficient to maintain intercourse with beings of a different species and to do that their victims experience "out from this world sensations". This obliges me to remember the medieval tales about angels, which had aliens-like profiles.

When I questioned a religious person about the narrative about the creation, on how was possible for God to create the plants before than Sun, which is the source of light and heat, he answered: "there is not an impossible thing for God". Curiously, when I have questioned some UFOS activists about the impracticality for any living creature to make an interstellar trip, I have received a parallel answer: "it is not impossible, because of their high degree of technological advance".

This just signifies that a dogma has been transferred to other bunch of ideas.

At the end of a conference about UFOS, one of my scientist friends logged off publicly saying: "show me a single screw of an alien spacecraft, or the bits and pieces of alien's sperm, and I will be your most fervent believer".

Until now, they have not brought the tiniest screw, nor the "bits and pieces" of alien's sperm.


By Biol. Nasif Nahle

Continuously, Media publicize videos where UFOs shoot up our air space as John through the kitchen. It is astonishing how people trust on them without a logical questioning.

The so jerky tracks played by those UFOs are as extraordinary as bizarre. They move from one place to another instantaneously and disappear as well as they appeared.  One could say that they fly at rates beyond the speed of the light, infringing absolutely the laws of the universe.

All of it would be good for ufologists only if there were not a little problem: The point of equilibrium of each system and all systems from universe.

When a system is actively transferring entropy from/to cosmos, that system is considered being in a state of disequilibrium. A machine that is taking energy from cosmos for converting it to another kind of energy is in a state of disequilibrium.

When the machine loses its capability for utilizing or transforming the energy removed from of the universe, it acquires an upper state of equilibrium.

As heat, disequilibrium only transfers from a non-equilibrated system to an equilibrated system. We will never see disequilibrium going from an equilibrated system towards a system in a non-equilibrated state.

Besides, equilibrated systems get entropy from their environment. Then, non-equilibrated systems exhibit lower entropy than equilibrated systems. At more complexity, a lesser entropy. Consequently, UFOs must use enormous quantities of energy to maintain its structures in a high complexity state. As non-isolated systems belonging to the universe, UFOs must acquire energy from the universe.

Then, the main problem in an UFO would be the preservation of its local high stage of complexity without gaining equilibrium and entropy. Each time an UFO travels one moment through deep space (from one distant star to our solar system, for example), it would hack disequilibrium from the universe at the cost of producing a global equilibrium, contributing to an increment of global entropy. If we take into account the formula of relativity, the energy required for the conservation of the UFO-system's momentum would disintegrate the ship.

Each time the ship would reach the speed of light (alienists say that UFOs beat the speed of light when voyaging through wormholes), the amount of energy needed for the next momentum in the hastening process would provoke a mismatched local disequilibrium that would disintegrate all matter associated with the craft and the craft with its contents. Besides, the equilibrium provoked in the craft surrounding area would cause the total destruction of the region, impeding further displacements of the ship (remember E=mC2).

In addition, UFOs transport aliens and apparatuses; and a new problem arises, therefore aliens have to maintain unvarying their physical masses and the masses of their equipment. To do this, aliens must to invert the second thermodynamics law, an unchallengeable universal law. Aliens must to do this due to the universal tendency to lose complexity as equilibrium increases. Even so, as the second law of thermodynamics is inviolable, then aliens would never accomplish this task.

Conclusion: From a genuine scientific scrutiny, extraterrestrial aliens and UFOs are unreal, except for sharp charlatans.

October 21, 2003



If we are assuring that UFOs are not extraterrestrial objects, we are obliged to say what they are.

Approximately a 97% from registered UFOs are meteorological phenomena and appliances made by humans.

From this percentage, about 70% are military devices, the space shuttle or satellites, the International Space Station, etc. A great deal of these views are trash bags and metallic papers for wrap gifts dragged by the wind, meteorological balloons, metallic globes, Venus, Mercury, clouds, birds, insects, particles upon the lenses of the chamber, meteorites, spatial trash, and sparkles of light striking on rocks.

A 27% are devices manufactured by nasty people, tricked photographs and videos.

We know that our readers are thinking about that 3% remainder.

Well, those cases are related to materials that by technical reasons have not been examined properly; those materials have ended as waste stuff, because the proper investigation is obstructed by the bad quality of the materials presented, or because they are not daily observed objects and phenomena, or because the way of doing the trick has not been determined with a model precision.

If we cannot determine something by deficiencies in the proper mechanisms, it does not imply that "something" be out of the ordinary on this planet. Merely, we do not possess the adequate tools to determine its origin.

What would you think if UFOs were military toys? This class of simulations and flying swindles occur often, with all the intention to divert the public attention from the authentic military exercises. Many officers of the American Air Force have declared that they took charge of deceiving people with items assembled by them.

Yes, most narratives and events related to UFOs are lies, frauds, ordinary objects, Venus, airplanes, the International Space Station, clouds, plastic bags dragged by the wind, metallic globes, oil wells, etc. However, there is almost one 3% of incidents that have not been investigated. THE LAST ASSERTION DOES NOT MEAN THAT IT IS A MATTER OF EXTRATERRESTRIAL SHIPS OR THAT THE ET ARE TAKING THEIR HOLYDAYS ON EARTH, BUT ONLY THAT MORE THAN 1.2% CORRESPONDS TO NORMAL HALLUCINATIONS AND POORLY KNOWN NEUROLOGICAL INCIDENTS. THE 1.8% REMAINDER IS COMPATIBLE WITH PERCEPTIBLE PHYSICAL PHENOMENA THAT WE SCIENTISTS HAVE NOT ANALYZED ADEQUATELY DUE TO THE BAD QUALITY OF THE RESOURCES.



Many Alienists wield Drake's Equation, or Equation of life, as a "scientific" validation of the existence of Aliens dropping in on our world. The formula is methodical, given that its development is mathematically acceptable. In opposition, its application is highly vague because all the substituted data are entirely imaginary. The result is, therefore, a deceit that cannot be considered as being established on the scientific method. Scientific method regulates the knowledge based on observations of the reality, and does not on speculations. Do not forget that Mathematics is a formal science, whereas Biology is a Basic Natural Science. Let's see what we can do with this happy formula:

Drake's Equation: N = Ns fp ne fl fi fc fL

Ns = 200 billion = approximate number of stars in the Milky Way galaxy.
fp = 10% = fraction of stars that I think have planets around them (<2x10-10 assumed)
ne = 0.33 = number of planets per star I guess are ecologically able to sustain life
fl = 0.000001% (1 of 1,000,000) = fraction of those planets where I suppose life evolves
fi = 0.000001% (1 of 1,000,000) = fraction of fl where I imagine intelligent life evolves
fc = 0.0000001% (1 of 10,000,000) = fraction of fi I think can communicate
fL = 1/100,000nth (100.000 y) = fraction of time during which I think culture survive.

N= (200 x 10 9)(0.1)(0.33)(1 x 10 -6)(1 x 10 -6)(1 x 10 -6)(1 x 10 -5)

N = 6.6 x 10-24 = Huh... I think these are imaginary probabilities on the existence of communicating civilizations in Milky Way galaxy... I guess it could be...

Do not forget it is a guesswork. Considering the inserted series are tentative, you can substitute each number as you wish (in proportion to the commands of your imagination). SEE THE TRICK?

Let's analyze the real facts:

  • Do intelligent extraterrestrial beings exist? We do not know. We do not have evidence on the existence of intelligent living beings out from Earth.

  • Do extraterrestrial beings, though not intelligent, exist? Probably YES. However, we do not have evidence on the existence of extraterrestrial living beings.

  • Are Aliens from outer space visiting our planet? CATEGORICALLY, NO. All anecdotes, photos, videos and hypnotic regressions related to Alien abductions, extraterrestrial UFOs, visions of extraterrestrials, Aliens at cemeteries, extraterrestrial signals in cereal crops, etc. are not more than meaningless fictions. People that exhibit these stories are charlatans, liars and hoaxers that exploit the public’s lack of scientific knowledge.

  • Do UFOs come from other planets outer from Earth? BEYOND DOUBT, NO. Almost 98% of UFOs have resulted to be W-IFOs (Well-Identified Objects) like globes, Venus, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars, meteorites, clouds, toys, airplanes, stealth, the International Space Station, metallic papers dragged by wind, sparks of bonfires, nocturnal mirror images of street lights and lights of cars, fraudulent hand-made objects, cartoons, etc. The remainder 2% corresponds to material that has not been released to real scientists for its evaluation.

Origin of Life is an irreversible process. If life did not occur in other parts of the Universe besides Earth, then we will not be able to invent the whole generation of the Universe to support our belief about the existence of living organisms on other worlds out from Earth. We scientists know that the first cell appeared on Earth once. It has not occurred again until now.

We neither can do that living beings that had appeared in other planets and after that they had been extinguished (by any reason) be recovered from collapse just because we do not wish to be alone in the Universe. We could not trace back the generation of those extinguished living beings at those locations of the Universe. Then, if living beings only were generated on Earth from beginning to end of the evolution of the Universe, we cannot do anything merely by guessing or cooking up the existence of life forms on other planets. Nevertheless, we would be alone; it is that so simple. We accept these facts as factual evidence against the existence of Aliens getting Earth from other worlds; but also, against the falsehood of an “obvious evidence” on the existence of life forms on other worlds of our Universe.

If living beings are present on other worlds out from Earth, it would not affect our knowledge about the laws that rule our Universe, or our knowledge about the generation of living beings on Earth. Also, it would be indistinguishable if they are not there.



In June 24, 2000 an extraordinary video-clip surrounded the world boiling the hearts of fanatics of Extraterrestrials and disturbing to detractors. It was a matter of the first video-clip of an UFO attacking a helicopter where some curious tourists traveled photographing the Towers. It was so impressive that some skeptics were converted to the modern religion.

Of course, we scientists knew since the first TV show that it was a matter of fraud, and we denounce it on time. However, nobody believed us and the video clip became the new sacrosanct icon of the UFOists (worshippers of UFOs).

We wrote a paper on our analysis of the video clip the same day it was displayed.  Judge, dear colleagues, if we were on right or we were not:

Faults in the video-clip of an UFO bothering a helicopter in which some persons were taking photographs and video of the New York World Trade Center:

1. There is not proportion between the size of the UFO and the perspective of the general scene. Many times, UFO erratically changed its length.

2. Upon approaching the helicopter, the UFO appeared sharp and very small. It is an object with an iridescent green bludgeon-shape.

3. Upon approaching the helicopter, in the picture related to the imminent collision, the UFO is seen upward, in an oblique position in relation to the view-plane of the video camera. In this frame, the profile of more than one half of an ellipse adjusts to the zone of the image of the apparent image of the object. If we take into account the area of the ellipse, the 32 inches wide of the helicopter front window, and the distance between object and helicopter, the object would not measure more than one meter long.

4. In the first photogram where the UFO is perceived behind a Tower, which measured 189 ft wide, the size on length of the UFO matches with about one third of the building wide-length, by which the length of the UFO is about 63 ft.

5. In the image of the object near to collide with the helicopter, the perimeter of the UFO is seen very blurry, but the pole of the door of the helicopter and the telescope into the compartment are seen sharper than the shade of the supposed UFO. In the same frame, the buildings and the clouds at the background appear more sharpened than the image of the UFO.

6. One would be able to say that the blurry image could be due to the movement of the object; however, in the second picture of a sequence of three frames, when the object begins moving away, we observe that the UFO's perimeter line is sharp. The last photogram of this series of three frames is a repetition of the second photogram, and we can see the perimeter line of the UFO is well-defined.

7. The unchanged image of the second photogram replicated in the third photogram undoubtedly indicates a photocomposition. UFO was added to an earlier video-clip of the Twin Towers snapped from the helicopter.

8. The apparent velocity which the object was moving at (about 93226 Miles/h), Doppler effect would not remain hidden for earthly devices as a video camera; however, in the presentation, Doppler effect is not observed, neither the projection of a shadow behind the object, projected by the displacement of it, which should have been registered by any camera. Instead, in the first photogram of the series of three pictures, where the object appears blurred, the shade seems to be leading the UFO!

9. Dense vapor of water should not form at an altitude of 900 ft, which is the altitude at which both, helicopter and UFO were flying. So dense vapor of water is formed above 3000 ft.  Because of it, I think the UFO "vapor" was burned diesel smoke (ha, ha, ha).

10. After the three photographs of the saucer near to collide against the helicopter, the cameraman in the helicopter followed the UFO movements doing the rear window of the helicopter appeared in the scene. There are two frames showing the UFO when it is moving away the upper third of the left pole of the window; but, in the subsequent frames the UFO appears already far away, sending-off a trail of diesel smoke behind it. It reappears at a lower point with reference to the image of the UFO emerging from the left edge of the small window. THERE IS NOT A CREDIBLE SEQUENCE IN UFO'S TRACK.

I hope my observations allow you to classify the video-clip about an UFO colliding with a helicopter as a great trickery.  Any of you can corroborate the fraud.



Mintaka, the star where it is said the extraterrestrials come from, is at 915 years light from our Solar System. It is a complex system formed by four main stars, which its biggest star is a blue-white giant (magnitude 2.2). Its main companion is a smaller white star (magnitude 7). According to the astronomers, the main star is about to die, and they believe this could be seen in the present century.

915 years light means 8.2x1015 Km (one year light = 9.5x1012 Km). At the maximum speed of a “spatial-cruiser” (45,000 Km/h). Speculating on a perpetual source of energy (impossible to find in the known universe), a spatial ship would take approximately:

t = d/V = 8.2x1015 Km / 4.5x104 Km/h = 1.82x1011 h

If we know there are 8760 hours (8.76x103) in one year, then, any ship would delay 2.078x109 years (20.78 million years) for crossing the empty space between Mintaka and Earth:

1.82x1011 h / 8.76x103 h/year = 2.078x107 years (20,780,000 years)

Impossible, Huh? That is to say that, to arrive today to Earth, the extraterrestrials must have left their planet at least 20 million years ago, without minimal hope of returning to their planet, of finding it in the same region of the galaxy and in the same conditions as it was when they left it.

Alienologists insist in saying that it would be possible if the space travelers do it through a fluctuation of the vacuum called “worm-tunnels”. Relegating the fact that the wormholes are not real models, but hypothetical mathematical models, the compression of a region of true vacuum would provoke a boost in the equilibrium of the traveler-system, until causing its absolute collapse. It would become a singularity or a point with infinite density with zero-radius. Besides, it would provoke a local disequilibrium in the same fluctuation that would provoke the destruction or annihilation of the universe (it would be a state of zero-matter and pure energy. All matter would disappear).

Let’s do not forget that a wormhole would be a constriction of a region of true vacuum produced during the generation of a bubble of false vacuum in expansion. If someone would travel through a wormhole, simply the wormhole would collapse. The more slightly disturbance in a metastable worm hole (including those who tried to enter into it) would cause the collapse of the wormhole forever.

A worm hole would be very similar to a black hole. When a wormhole splits, the bubble of false vacuum is separated from the universe and would continue its expansion. The formation and disintegration of a wormhole would take only the absurd fraction of 10-23 seconds.

¿How would it be possible to travel in that fraction of second? This is the precise reason by which it would be impossible for a traveler to pass from one to another Universe through a wormhole. A traveler would be able to pass through a horizon only in one way. Firstly, the traveler should wait until the two vacuums had been separated, and its horizons be connected by a wormhole. Then, the traveler would be able to go into the wormhole through a horizon. But, once inside, the traveler would not be able to abandon it, neither by that horizon, nor by the horizon at the other side. The fate of any traveler that ventured inside a wormhole would hopelessly be its death in the singularity created by the collapse of the wormhole.

Will be there some living being that can bear the whack of the energy implicit into a wormhole?

In the supposed case that the wormholes exist, and that they were stable, it would be very unpleasant to travel through them. The radiation attainable by a worm hole (Cosmic Background Radiation, radiation from near stars, etc.) would generate an extremely blueshift. If you tried to pass through the wormhole, you would be literally disintegrated by nuclear radiation.

What would the travelers do to control the enormous fluctuation in the vacuum?

Where the space voyagers would be oriented to, if there would be only one magnetic pole (north or south)?

If the wormhole is an “umbilical cord” between a progenitor-universe and a bubble of false vacuum with stable energy, in full expansion and genesis…  Where the spatial voyagers would disembark?

It is a matter of knowing a bit more about unbreakable thermodynamic laws of our Universe, unbreakable even in the hypothetical Mintaka’s wormholes.



Navarro, J. F., Steinmetz, M. Dark Halo and Disk Galaxy Scaling Laws in Hierarchical Universes. Astro-Physics. 4 January 2000.

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"The more we want it to be true, the more careful we have to be. No witness' say-so is good enough. People make mistakes. People play practical jokes. People stretch the truth for money or attention or fame. People occasionally misunderstand what they are seeing. People sometimes even see things that are not there." (Carl Sagan. The Demon-Haunted World. Random House. 1996. New York, NY).






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