By Nasif Nahle
April 11th, 2006

The “chupacabras” has risen from its snooze to be again the main protagonist of ghost stories. The "chupacabras" is a mythological semi-human bird that allegedly drains the blood and eats the viscera of goats, lambs and children. Some telecasters have invented that the monster only attacks by spring and summer, but I have confirmed that the tales on "chupacabras" have risen all through the year.

The current scenarios are San Antonio and Laredo, Texas, and Monterrey, Mexico. I investigated the case only in Monterrey, Mexico; but I examined the paw marks stomped on soil by the "puzzling" animal in San Antonio and Laredo, Texas.

In Monterrey, Mexico, the “chupacabras” killed about 30 lambs in a farm near to Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon, Mexico. The owner of the lambs invented a story about a weird monster four feet tall; with enormous wings about 12 feet wide each (can you imagine this kind of monster?). The shepherd told the Health authorities that the monster had a large straight-pointed beak. Media likes this kind of news, thus, reporters and cameras spilled over the corral. I was invited by the shepherd's brother to look at the incident in situ. I accepted Alfredo’s request and took the journey to Monterrey, Mexico, with the tools required for this class of investigation.

While traveled by the highway from Monterrey to Cadereyta, Nuevo Leon, I was paying attention to the local Radio news for the opinion of the local authorities speaking about a puma that desolated the region. A Veterinarian from the Office of the secretary of Health was saying that estimating the lesions inflicted to the lambs, he thought that the predator was a creepy "unknown" being which he had never faced before.

When I arrived to the place of the butchery, I could see many paw marks distributed from side to side of the pen. I made plaster molds from some paw marks and got some impressions from the paws of the shepherd's dog. When dried, I took the molds off -to study them at my lab. In addition, I took some samples of hair that were dispersed through the place and samples of hairs got caught in bushes.

The hour for truth finally arrived... When compared with animal footprint diagrams, I FOUND THAT THE FOOTPRINTS WERE NOT OF BIZARRE OR UNKNOWN ANIMALS, BUT OF DOGS OF DIVERSE SIZES AND WEIGHTS. I compared the footprint molds with the paw marks of the shepherd’s dog and one of the shapes coincided with the footprint of the shepherd’s dog.

The hair found over there was definitely dog’s hair. I observed the microscopic shape of the hairs obtained in situ and I found it was canine’s hair. I found Siberian Husky’s hairs got caught in the bushes. Siberian Huskies are wolf dog hybrids.

I concluded that the lambs were attacked by feral dogs, that is to say, dogs that revert to wild. NO TRACES OF PUMAS, LIONS, OR VULTURES WERE THERE. The “chupacabras” of Monterrey, Mexico was a PACK OF FERAL DOGS.

After, I examined the footprints from San Antonio and Laredo, Texas. No difference was found there, except by some footprints of vultures that almost securely were there to get benefits from the carnage.


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