Data Sources: E. C. Stone, et all. Voyager 1 Explores the Termination Shock Region and the Heliosheat Beyond. Science; Vol. 309, pp. 2017-2020. 23 September 2005. NOAA. Interpretation: Nasif Nahle © November 2005.
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By Nasif Nahle

This graph was deduced from the data provided by the spaceship Voyager 1 and from the global temperature monthly records from NOAA. The reproduction is 99% accurate with respect to the original statistics.

This graph corroborates my last observation about the Intensity of Intergalactic Cosmic Radiation (IICR) in the shock margin of the Solar System; therefore, I detected a consistent and unquestionable correlation between the IICR and the variability in the global Tropospheric Temperature. The main nucleons in the Intergalactic Cosmic Radiation (ICR) and the Solar Radiation (SR) are Hydrogen and Helium. The blue line represents the intensity of the energy of H nucleons detected by the spaceship Voyager 1 in the shock termination, at 95 AU from Earth, displaced 12 intervals towards right due to the deferral of nucleons for reaching the Earth. The light green line defines exactly the original data on the H nucleons energy provided by Voyager 1. The red line represents the tropospheric Δ T obtained from statistics provided by NOAA.

The displacement of the Hydrogen nucleons graph obeys to the time which these delay on arriving to Earth, because they are at 14250000000 km from Earth; traveling at a speed of 400 km per second, the nucleons arrives at Earth in 13.7 months, which it is the amount of intervals through which the blue graph was relocated.

The dashed arrows were added so that you orient yourself in the comparison.

As from the graph on the IRCI, from this graph I conclude that it is doubtless and completely evident that the variability of the tropospheric temperature obeys to cosmic changes in the Energy Density that we receive each second from the outer space.

Definitively, the Carbon Dioxide is not the culprit on the current Global Warming, nor on any Global Warming happened at ancient eras. Contrarily to what you have listened or have read through Media and some textbooks, the Carbon Dioxide, the water vapor, the Sulfur Dioxide, the oceans, etc. are the true star which have done that the red line of temperature in any graph be smooth and free of those drastic peaks and dips that we observe in the Energy Density that we receive from the Universe.

If the greenhouse gases (water vapor, CO2, CH4, NO2, Soot, etc.) and the heat mitigating factors (SO2, SO3, dust, clouds, snow, oceans, etc.) did not exist, simply, we already would have been scorched... or frozen, or by a period we would be frozen and by another period we would be scorched.