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By Nasif Nahle
April 28, 2006

Global Warming refers to a trend in the variability of the Earth tropospheric temperature (see a graph here) that goes intermittently higher through time due to numerous natural factors. For example, the anomalies in the intensity of the solar and intergalactic cosmic rays, the intervallic decrease in the strength of the terrestrial magnetic field, the release of Methane and Nitrous Oxide from ocean floor, the decay of organic matter, the volcanism, etc.

The notion "Global Warming" does not imply that yesterday the temperature was of 30 degrees and that tomorrow it will be of 40 degrees, but that the standard variation -up or down from zero- is amplified gradually through time and that the minimum temperatures are higher each time. For example, during 1997 the separation of the temperature from zero was negative (-1.87° C), while in 1998 the separation was slightly positive (0.52° C) and there was not any variation below the null-deviation (zero). For the complete 90s' decade the global trend was barely 0.1° C, a positive decadal trend. For this reason we concluded that the 90s' decade was "warm". It does not mean that the 2000-2010 decade will be warmer than the 90s' decade; despite 2005 were a warm year, the previous years were cold and we do not know how the next years will be.

Carbon Dioxide and other gases have increased from 1990 to date; however, the trend of the temperature variability has been decreased in the last seven years. It does not mean other thing but a false understanding of the link between the global warming and the heat conveyor gases. The hypothesis about the "greenhouse" effect by anthropogenic carbon dioxide has been falsified by physics laws. We knew that the carbon dioxide was not thermally capable of causing any positive change of temperature, or global warming, because its emissivity and absorptivity are too low. The total emittancy of carbon dioxide, for example, is only 0.423 W/m^2, instead the 5.35 W/m^2 assumed by the IPCC and NOAA.

Our Sun is amazingly more active than at past decades and the Interstellar Cosmic Radiation is more intense than before. So we expect that the temperature’s trend will be positive for the next 400 years.

We should also take account of the disturbing increase of Earth’s volcanism for the current Warming Variability; volcanism has been increasing so fast in the last 10 years that at present there are more than 100 active volcanoes that now are transferring longwave infrared radiations (from magma and heated gases and dust) to the atmosphere and the oceans. Experts in Volcanism consider that the Earth had not presented the current level of volcanic activity at least since 20000 years ago. Remember that the longwave infrared radiation is transferred more slowly to the outer space than the shortwave of the infrared radiation coming from the Sun and from other places of the Universe. (Infrared radiation = heat).

I conclude that there is not an anthropogenic "Global Warming", but a cyclic, natural Energy Density Anomaly in our Solar System. Do not forget that our Solar System travels through the outer space and that it eventually crosses through regions with high density of energy that affects so the planets as the Sun. (Veizer. 2006).

The "Global Warming" is not an abnormal event derived from a higher concentration of radiative gases in the terrestrial atmosphere. I arrived to this conclusion because the phenomenon has occurred on Earth through eons. Besides, there are many indexes -gathered by NASA, NOAA, ESA, and other agencies- on the growing contribution of cosmic particles and a higher solar activity through the last decades that support the fact that the "global warming" is actually a Temperature Variability. This Temperature Variability has been caused by variations in the density of energy that the Earth receives from the outer space and by the energy emitted from the own Earth's insides.

Warmologists despise the laws of Thermodynamics, disdain our main source of energy (the Sun), disdain the interstellar cosmic high-energy bands through which our Solar System crosses from time to time, ignore the transference of heat to the freezing outer space, despise the climate balance, elude the public scrutiny on the climate history of our planet, despise the global planetary warming that is occurring at this moment in our Solar System, disdain science, underestimate our intelligence, our reason and our good sense. Warmologists only think highly in political power and donations through terror.

After all… Will our Earth be transformed into a desolate planet like Mars? No, it will not occur, unless a nuclear war occurs –yet, many species could survive to a nuclear cataclysm; for example cockroaches, many marine species of plants and animals, grasses, lichens, ferns, etc. Scientists have discovered that our planet has passed by numerous periods of climatic change, and living beings have always survived.

“With Earth's warming, the level of oceans will rise many meters until flooding towns and cities settled at the continental coastlines. Many islands will sink under oceans and the polar capes will disappear. Desertification will advance inexorably and all the forests will be destroyed by fire and drought. Hurricanes, tornadoes and thunderstorms will be more frequent and enraged that now. People and animals will be swept from the face of Earth. Hailstones weighing up 60 kilograms will fall upon the cities and will destroy all at their infernal fall. The snowstorms will be intense in some places and it will happen an irreparable unparalleled ice age.”

Nature shows the opposite:

Scientists have discovered that the sea levels are far from a rising because an increase in the snowfalls in East Antarctic. (Davis et al, 2005). I have made an observation in relation to a realistic higher rate of evaporation in oceans, which definitely would prevent the expanding of the seas level. When a warmologist assured that the sea level was rising because when absorbing heat the water expands, I got a good argument to contradict his idea, because for the water to expand at the level alleged in the warmologist’s argument, water would turn into vapor. It simply was a matter of good knowledge on Basic Physics. Other scientists have observed that the sea level rising obeys to natural geological cycles. (Morner, 2004 and Singer, 2006).

Hurricanes, tornadoes and thunderstorms are analogous to those occurred in the past. (Pielke et al, 2005). Then I propose you discharge all fears about an imminent annihilation of life on Earth by hurricanes, tornadoes and thunderstorms generated by a fantastic “global warming” (do not forget that I have demonstrated the current warming is a natural and cyclical Temperature Variability).

In the course of the geological eras, the polar ice capes have been sometimes growing, and sometimes disappearing. For example, some centuries ago Greenland was a "green" land -as its name indicates it, with leafy forests and animals that only could flourish at tepid zones. Mammoths lived pleasingly in Alaskan and Siberian lands before the last Ice Age took place. Some of the frozen mammoths found there still had residues of grass and cactus in their mouths. These findings reveal that those lands were mixed biomes with wetlands and semi-desert areas 12,000 or 13,000 years ago. (Mead and Agenbroad, 2002).



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On the graph, the solid blue line represents the change of temperature since 1978 up to date. The dashed red line represents the polynomial trend, which clearly indicates the global warming has stopped.


Published on April 28, 2006. Updated on December 1st, 2007