Hurricane Wilma. Image credit: NASA.

By Nasif Nahle
Scientific Advisor
October 25, 2005

I have special newness for you. It is that the hurricanes that we have suffered through September and October do not correspond to the expected from the models of Climate Change based on the forcing energy by the Greenhouse Effect. Neither the heat through September and October, nor the force of hurricanes, corresponds to the CO2 level concentrated in our atmosphere. The atmospheric CO2 has diminished a little; but for practical means I will manage that it has remained stable. Nevertheless, the variance in the temperature has been lower than that corresponding to the concentration of all greenhouse gases.

The hurricanes Katrina, Stan and Wilma exceeded by far in their kinetic energy when they are compared to the corresponding hypothetical anthropogenic phenomena. Only the hurricane Wilma had a kinetic energy -by cloud-rain pattern- of 9.1e+22 J. So that you have an idea of its power, with the energy that Wilma consumed per day, we could easily give one corn tortilla to each individual of a population of 195 trillions of human beings (32500 times the current global population) hourly through 24 hours. With the Stan Kinetic Energy we could maintain working 140 million car engines along one half hour.

Is this amount of energy possible depending just on the current concentration of carbon dioxide? No, it is not possible. To rise the temperature of the sea surface in 6° C we would need a sustained rise in the atmospheric temperature of about 10° C so that this excess of heat were transferred from air to water… It would mean an absolute temperature of 44° C in the atmospheric layer kept just above the oceans… In addition, this temperature must have to be maintained by 112 hours so that the hurricane got mature. This temperature was neither registered by the meteorological buoys, nor by satellites.

What happened, then? That enormous quantity of energy was supplied by the Sun and the winds. NASA records for solar activity indicate that the Sun sent us the energy to of more than 14 class-X Solar Flares, the most powerful kind of solar flares emitted through a low period of sunspots. This is important because the solar flares were not accompanied by great packages of electromagnetism enough to prevent the particles and high-energy bombardment toward the planetary system. All the heat warmed up the sea water, while the strong winds provided more energy so that the hurricanes were stronger than the expected by the “warmologists”. Mars is an uninhabited planet... There are not cars and industry on Mars; then, how is it that Mars is also experiencing a Global Warming?

We could also include the energy released through the telluric movements previously occurred in Asia and the Caribbean. Have you thought on the colossal amount of kinetic energy released by friction of tectonic plates? Well, the minor of these movements releases three times more energy than Wilma… It is shocking to see how we blame to the beneficial greenhouse gases, when the evidence indicates to diverse cyclic natural factors.

Do not do what others want you to keep doing. They want to infuse fear on you... apprehension. They want you to be terrified, so that you cannot recognize how they are getting rid of money in your pouch. Answer this question, how many letters on petition and supporting from different environmentalist associations -that you do not know whether they really do exist or not- do you receive each day? They become rich by keeping on you an uninterrupted state of irritation and terror. They are labeled like “radical environmentalists.” They began their terrorist work when it started the year 2000... Do you recognize them? They are the “greenshs”, ha, ha, ha.

Nasif Nahle
Biologist/Scientific ICAM Research by Harvard/Homotoxicologist/Scientific Advisor


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